Things to note before you create the transaction!

  • Make sure that the recipient's Alipay ID (email/phone number) is valid.
  • Recipient must verify their Alipay account and bind their card with Alipay before the transaction is created. The sender will receive an email if the recipient has not verified and linked their card. If recipient still has not verified their account and bind their card within 72 hours (3 days) after receiving the email, the transaction will automatically be rejected. See how to verify Alipay account here and see how to bind the card here.
  • Recipient should fill in the purpose of transaction and their relationship with the sender in accordance with the information that the sender provided to Topremit. Make sure that the purpose of transaction and the relationship between sender and recipient is relevant.
  • Recipient's name must be in Pinyin format (e.g. Li Xiao Long)
  • Please submit any supporting document to fulfill the regulation and policy requirement from China if Alipay asks for any. Recipient will have up to 96 hours (4 days) after getting the initial receipt of in-app notification to provide the supporting documents to Alipay. Here are some documents that recipient can prepare to be submitted:
    1. For transaction with the purpose of purchasing goods/services, psubmit the invoice with a signature or a stamp.
    2. For transaction with the purpose of family/living expenses, please submit residence booklet, marriage certificate, etc.
  • If the money still has not arrived, please contact our Customer Support.

Are there any Chinese government regulations that I need to take note of regarding Alipay transaction?

Yes, there are some points that you need to take note before sending money to Alipay:

  • According to Chinese government regulation, it is prohibited to facilitate any cryptocurrency or crypto-assets. That's why the transactions for any purchase, sale, transfer, or the exchange of BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, LCH, BCH, XRP, Initial Coin Offerings, token sales, Non-Fungible Tokens, and DeFi will be rejected.
  • Due to the cryptocurrency regulation created by the Chinese government, Alipay has limited its users to receive money from other countries max. 5 times a month. (Please make sure that the fifth sender/recipient is one of previous senders/recipients from transactions in the last 30 days)
  • Please choose the same transaction purpose as what your recipient also chooses on their Alipay E-Wallet, to meet the compliance policy from China, in order to increase the possibility of your transaction to be successful.

How much is the transfer fee to China with Alipay?

You only have to pay flat fee of IDR 100,000 for each transaction

How long will the money arrive/received?

Money will arrive in 20 minutes if your transaction has been validated before 16.00 (GMT+7).

How much money can I transfer with Alipay?

  • The minimum transaction amount is CNY 10.

  • The daily limit (soft limit) that you can transfer is CNY 50,000 per recipient.

  • The annual limit (hard limit) that you can transfer is USD 50,000 (IDR 715,000,000 or CNY 290,000) per recipient.

However, please take note that every Alipay user has a different transaction limit. Make sure that the recipient’s Alipay is enough to receive the money.

Can I send more than the stated amount in a day?

You are allowed to send money more than the soft limit (CNY 50,000) in a day by providing some supporting documents from the recipient to ensure your transaction's security. However, you are not allowed to exceed the hard limit (CNY 500,000) per year to the same recipient.

If you have any questions, feel free to chat our Customer Support through Live Chat