Send this article to your recipient if they have not verified their Alipay account. 

The transaction will be automatically rejected if after the transaction is made the recipient has not verified their account until the transaction expired.

Here are some steps that recipient should follow to verify their Alipay account:

  • Open Alipay app, search Quick Collect "闪速收款" on Alipay, and click Quick Collect "闪速收款".

  • Currently, Quick Collect "闪速收款" is only open to users with Chinese Mainland Resident Identity Cards who has completed real-name authentication and possess a Chinese Mainland bank account.

  • Please follow the instructions in Quick Collect "闪速收款" for real-name authentication.

After the verification process, recipient must link their card with Alipay before the transaction expires. Make sure that the recipient's bank account is not frozen. Click here to see how to link the card.