Here are 3 things that recipient should note before money is being sent to Alipay:

  • Verify Account

Recipient must verify their Alipay account before the transaction is created. Sender will receive an email if the recipient has not verified their account. Please notify the recipient to verify their account within 24 hours after receiving the email. If recipient still has not verified their account, the transaction will automatically be rejected. 

Click here to see how to verify Alipay account.

  • Bind Card

Since the money will be sent to the bank account that has been bound with Alipay, recipient needs to bind their card with Alipay and make sure that the recipient's bank account is not frozen.

Click here to see how to bind the card.

  • Transaction Information

Recipient should fill in the purpose of transaction and their relationship with sender in accordance with the information that the sender provided to Topremit. Make sure that the purpose of transaction and relationship between sender and recipient are relevant.

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