You can now send money to China for B2B transactions with Topremit for Business. Here are several things you need to prepare:

  1. Recipient bank details

  • Bank account type.

    • To create B2B transactions, make sure you select the Company/institution bank account type as shown in the image above.

  • Bank name.

  • Bank branch name.

    • The bank branch name must be written in Chinese characters (example: 中国银行淄博).

  • Account number.

  • Bank province.

  • Bank city.

  1. Recipient details

  • Company ID and company name

    • Both details must match with the details in the company’s certificate of incorporation.

    • The company ID must consist of 18 letters and numbers only. 

    • The company name must be written in Chinese characters (example: 李小龙).

  • Director’s resident ID and director’s full name 

    • The director must be a Chinese citizen and have a China resident ID card.

    • Both details must match with the details in the company’s certificate of incorporation and Chinese resident ID card.

    • The director’s full name must be written in Chinese characters  (example: 李小龙).

  • Company website.

    • If the company doesn’t have any official website, you can fill it with social media or e-commerce link instead.

  • China phone number with +86 format.

  • Relationship with sender.

  1. Additional details

  • The transaction’s purpose.

    • B2B transactions are only available for Purchasing Goods & Services and Shipping Fee purposes.

  • Name of item purchased.

    • If any, please include the brand name too. Make sure the item name and brand are registered on the company’s website (example: Smartphone - Akple iFone-11).

  • Quantity of items.

  • Source of income.

  1. In some cases, there are some supporting documents that may be required from you after your transaction has been created for the validation process. Here are the supporting document(s) that may be needed:

  • Screenshot of sender’s payment to Topremit. Please note that payment by cash is currently not allowed.

  • Company registration certificate.

  • Director’s ID. Make sure that the director holds > 25% of the shares in the company. 

  • Invoice that includes recipient’s account details. Make sure that the recipient’s account details can be clearly seen.

  • Shipping invoice. This should be provided within 1 week after payment.

We certainly hope that your transactions to China with Topremit for Business will go smoothly. If you have any questions, please contact our Client Support and they will reply shortly on Monday-Friday at 09:00-17:00 (GMT+7) excluding Indonesian public holidays.