If you have a failed transaction, we will return the money that you have sent. However, you must request a refund first so we can process it further.

Here's how to make a refund request:

  1. Request your refund based on type of the refund request.
    1. Refund request (provided by system)
      1. Open Topremit app. On the Home menu, scroll until you see "Ongoing Activity" section or you can also go to Activity menu > Refund.
      2. Then choose transaction that you want to refundYou will be directed  to the refund details which is in "Incomplete" status. Click "Continue" to continue the refund.
    2. Refund request (manual)
      1. Open Topremit app. On the Home menu, click "Request Refund".
  2. Fill in and/or check your refund details, which are:
    • Refund reason
    • Reference ID (if needed)
    • Topremit bank account which is used as payment destination (if needed)
    • Transaction date (if needed)
    • Refund amount that matches the transaction amount (if needed)
  3. Upload your transfer receipt (optional) then click "Continue".
  4. Select your bank account to receive the refund. Make sure the selected bank account is the same as the one you used for payment.
  5. If everything is already correct, click "Yes, Request Refund".
  6. After your refund has been requested, it will be validated within 1 working day.
  7. We will send notification via app and email after the request  is validated. You can also check your refund status by clicking "Track Refund".



For several reasons for a failed transaction, the transfer fees that have been charged aren't refunded. Here are the possible reasons why:

  • Your recipient details such as name, account number, currency, etc are incorrect.
  • Your recipient didn’t complete their e-wallet/account verification process within the specified time.
  • Your recipient didn’t link their card (Alipay or UnionPay) within the specified time.
  • Your recipient’s bank account is inactive, closed, or dormant.
  • Your recipient didn’t claim the money for Cash Pickup service.