Here is some information for sending money to Rwanda:




Transaction limit

Estimated Arrival time


E-Wallet (MTN)

IDR 75,000

RWF 1,000 - RWF 2,000,000

20 minutes for payments before 16:00 (GMT+7)



IDR 75,000 + IDR 330,000 (correspondent bank fee)

USD 5 - USD 100,000

1 banking day for payments before 16:00 (GMT+7)

Can I send more than the stated amount in a day?
Yes, you can, but if you send more than that, we will require some supporting/underlying documents from you to verify the purpose of your transaction.

Additional Information
- For SWIFT (USD):

  • Ensure that your recipient’s bank account currency is in USD.

  • Ensure that you already have your recipient’s IBAN (if any) and SWIFT Code, as they are required for transactions via SWIFT.
    What is IBAN?
    What is SWIFT Code?

  • The recipient's full name registered in the bank account must be in alphabet letters, including numbers if any (example: VentureTech 365 Ltd).

  • Some recipient banks might charge a fee which will deduct the amount received.