Your recipient needs to complete the following verification process if they have never received any money from Union Pay previously:

  1. Recipient will get a link for verification via email
  2. Click the link to do verification
  3. Fill in the details of the recipient's personal information
    Required recipient information:
    • Chinese name in Chinese characters.
    • Chinese National ID Card Number (18 digits).
    • ID Expiry Date.
    • Occupation (select one from drop down list).
  4. Upload a photo of recipient's identity (Chinese National ID Card)
    • Under applicable regulations in China, it is required for a first time recipient to provide the photo of recipient’s ID card for account registration.
    • Upload both-sides of the Chinese National ID Card.
    • Only JPG format is supported.
  5. Fill in the details of recipient's bank account
    • China UnionPay Debit Card Number (16-19 digits, e.g. 62xx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx).
    • Mobile number used to open the virtual bank account for receiving the funds.
    • Enter the given SMS verification code you received or provide PIN code of your debit card.
    • Enter the shown CAPTCHA.
    • Make sure you tick the box agreeing with the bank's agreement.

      Choose Supported Banks:
    • 126 Banks are supported in China for recipients to receive money.
    • Recipient can click the link highlighted on the right to see the full bank list.
  6. Verification completed
    Recipient will receive the money in minutes after your verification is complete.


  • Recipient only needs to do the verification process once.
  • If recipient doesn't verify their account until the transaction expires, the transaction will automatically be rejected and the money will be refunded.
  • If recipient has not updated their expired ID card/bank card, then the transaction will be held by the bank and the money can not be refunded, transaction will be processed again when the ID card/bank card has been updated.