Due to a new regulation in Japan, your transaction to Japan requires complete details of the recipient's address. Uncomplete address details may lead to rejection in your transaction. Here is an example of a recipient's address with complete details to create a transaction to Japan:

1. Details. If the address is in a flat or apartment, then it should have details of the floor and room number. If it's in a building or a villa, then it should have details of the door number.

2. Street. You should fill in the name of the street along with the numbers.

3. District. Commonly known as Ku or Shi in Japanese, these administrative areas are under the city or province.

4. Province. In Japan, capitals, important cities, and provinces are parallel (first-level administrative regions that are directly under the central government). These areas include 43 provinces in Japan, the capital city of Tokyo, and important cities which are Hokkaido, Osaka, and Kyoto.

5. Post Code. The postcode should be written in a different field from the address for easy verification. The postcode has 7 numbers.

*Please contact the recipient and ask them to give you the complete information if you have difficulties in understanding the address details.