1. What is referral program?
    The referral program is a program made by Topremit that gives rewards for all users who invite their friends to register themselves to Topremit and enjoy easy, fast, and 100% secure international transactions. You can join this program by sharing your referral link/code to your friends.

  2. How does the referral program work?
    • Share your referral link/code to your friend
      Invite your friend to register Topremit account by using your referral link/code. You can find your own referral link/code from the referral menu.
    • Your friend will get IDR 120K once they registered
      Your friend will get vouchers worth IDR 120K (3x IDR 40,000 vouchers) after successfully registered to Topremit using your referral link/code.
    • They make a successful transaction
      Your friend must successfully make their first money transfer transaction.
    • You will get IDR 120K too!
      You will also get vouchers worth IDR 120K (3x IDR 40,000 vouchers) once your friend has successfully made the transaction.

  3. Unlimited invites

There are no limitation to invite your friends, you can invite as many friends as you want and collect as many vouchers as you can.

If you haven’t received any rewards after following the correct steps, you can directly contact our Customer Support through Live Chat in the app/website or WhatsApp (0823-6196-0569).