Home Delivery is a service where the money is sent directly to the recipient's address with no extra cost. This service is used to help the recipient’s whose house is quite far from the bank or pickup point.

How does the Home Delivery process work?

  1. The sender sends money using Home Delivery in Topremit app or website,
  2. After the money is sent, Topremit will process the money to the local bank that has been chosen by the sender to be delivered to the recipient,
  3. Recipient will be contacted by the bank courier for the delivery address,
  4. The courier will deliver the money,
  5. Recipient shows their ID card to the courier as proof,
  6. Recipient will receive the money.

Can I send money using Home Delivery to Vietnam?

Yes, you can send money using Home Delivery to all areas in Vietnam.

Are there any additional fees for Home Delivery?

No additional fees are charged to the recipient to pick up the money. We only charge the transfer fee of IDR 90,000 that is paid by the sender.

How much is the limit to send money using Home Delivery to Vietnam?

You can send up to VND 10,000,000 to Vietnam.

What should the recipient note before using Home Delivery in Vietnam?

The recipients should be aware of the following points:

  • Money will be delivered during bank’s operational hours:
    • Monday–Friday:  08:00–11:30 / 13:30–17:00 (GMT+7)
    • Saturday:  08:00– 11.30 (GMT+7)
      Except on Vietnam New Year and national holidays.
  • Please ask the recipient to be on standby
  • The recipients must have an active Vietnamese phone number. The bank courier will contact them to ask for the delivery address. Furthermore, communication will only be in Vietnamese.
  • The recipient must show an ID card for verification.