Before creating transaction, you have to make sure that you have verified your Topremit account and bank account.

Here are the steps to create a transaction in Topremit:

  1. Sign in to your account by using app/website (

  2. Click the "Send Money" button or the button with paper plane icon on it.

  3. Choose the destination country and currency, then enter the amount you want to send and click "Continue".

  4. Then, select the service and speed you want. For some countries, you can choose the Bank Transfer service and Instant Speed for the money to arrive faster.

  5. Fill in the recipient details then click "Continue".

  6. Check the amount and data that you have entered, then tick the declaration box if all data submitted is correct then click "Continue".

  7. Choose one of the Topremit’s Bank Accounts (BCA/BNI/BRI/Mandiri) to make payment, then click "Make Payment".

  8. After you have made the payment, click "I Have Paid".

  9. Your transaction will be processed to the destination country.

Click here to watch the video to know the details.