Here is some information for sending money to Thailand:

How will recipient receive the money?

Money will arrive directly to recipient's bank account.

How much money I can transfer?

Transaction should between THB 50 to THB 49,999

How much is the service charge/fee for sending to Thailand?

We charge a flat fee of IDR 75,000 with our Bank Transfer or IDR 100,000 with our Instant Transfer.

When will my money arrive (received)?
Money should arrive in 15 minutes if you send the money before 16:00 (GMT+7) or 1 banking day if you send the money before 15:30 (GMT+7)

Will the recipient get the full amount?

Don't worry! There will be no additional or hidden charges. We display the fee and rates transparently at the beginning before you send the money.

Can I send more than the stated amount in a day?
Yes you can, but if you send more than that, we need to ask some supporting / underlying documents from you to prove the purpose of your transaction

Are there any requirements to send money to Thailand?

  • The account name has to be in alphabetical not in Thai and should not consist of any  special character like “Comma (,) or Point (.)"
  • The recipient account should be THB account, we don’t support sending to USD account