Every individual recipient in South Korea is obliged to verify their Identity according to the regulation made by the government of South Korea. 

Don’t worry! Your recipient only need to verify once on the first transaction that you sent. There will be no verification needed for your next transactions. Here are the steps to verify recipient’s identity in South Korea:

  1. Recipient will get a link for verification through SMS 

  2. Select 'Verify', then choose ID (Korean Registration Number/Driving License/Alien Registration Card/Passport/Business Registration License) that recipient's used to open bank account 

  3. Enter recipient's ID Details, then tap 'Next' 

  4. Upload recipient's ID photo, then tap 'Next'

  5. Confirm bank account by inputting last 4 digit number of recipient's bank account

  6. SentBe will send KRW 1 to the recipient’s account, check your transaction history (recipient) and input 4 unique codes after the letter ‘S’ e.g.: S1234

  7. Verification will be within 1X24 Hours (banking days only) and your money will be deposited directly into the recipient’s bank account once verification is successfully completed.

1. Recipients don’t need to download any other app and only have to verify their identity from the link. Please make sure that recipient’s phone number is active.

2. Recipient should be 14 years or older