Your money will arrive to China in 4 banking days after you have completed your transaction. But there are things that you need to know before sending money to China using Bank Transfer, which are as follows:

  1. Before filling in the Recipient Bank Details, please note that:
    • The recipient's account number that you will enter must be from 16-19 digits.
    • The recipient's account number must starts with number ‘6’ (new account format).
    • We don’t accept the recipient’s account number that starts with number ‘4' or ‘9’.
    • The recipient’s debit card bank and account number should be able to support remittance or cross-border remittance.

  2. Next, before filling in the Recipient Details, please note that:
    • The recipient’s ID number that you will enter must match the ID number linked to the recipient’s bank account.
    • The recipient’s ID number must be filled with only 18 digits as stated on the recipient’s identity card.

  3. Also, due to the strict compliance policies from China, some accounts may get frozen either by the bank or police if there is any issue detected. But don’t worry, in case your recipient’s account happens to be frozen after receiving money from Topremit, please notify Topremit regarding this issue max. 3 days after the money has arrived. Please provide the following documents so we can help you process this issue:
  • Bank account number.
  • Last balance (from a screen-record of your m-banking or from your bankbook).
  • Proof that the account is frozen because of a transfer from Topremit.
  • Account frozen status (from the statement/account detail or by recording your screen while creating a transfer including any error messages that appeared afterward).
  • Police statement (if the account is frozen by the police) or bank statement (if the account is frozen by the bank) which shows that the account is frozen.


We certainly hope that your transactions to China with Topremit can be smoother.