Here are a few steps to create your Topremit account:

1. Sign up on our website or download Topremit app from Appstore/Playstore

2. Verify your account to start sending money abroad

Based on the regulations in Indonesia, you need to verify your account with your ID card before sending money abroad. Relax, you only need to use your e-KTP or Passport to verify your account.

For Indonesian members, you can verify your account by providing your e-KTP or Passport. For Non-Indonesian members, you can verify your account with your Passport.

Please take note that you should use your actual e-KTP or Passport for this step. No expired, photocopied, scanned, or pre-captured identity card is allowed.

After that, you only need to take picture of your ID card and take a selfie while holding your ID card. Please make sure that your identity picture shows your identity clearly (without shadow/light beam) and do not cover any area of your face while taking the selfie pic, especially your T zone (forehead, nose, and chin).

3. Wait for our team to verify your account

This process will only take 1 working day (Monday-Friday) at maximum. After that, you can start sending money abroad effortlessly!

If you have any questions, feel free to chat our Customer Support through Live Chat. We'll be glad to assist you :D